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Elsa Fogden

Herding Breeds are incredibly intelligent, loyal, engertic, challenging and unlike any other breed that require mental & physical simulation.

​Bred with inherited herding behaviours, at times our herding kinds can struggle with being a ‘normal dog’.

By working with the herding kind an experienced owner, trainer and specialist in herding breeds you can create a better relationship, communciation and understanding between yourself and your herder.

We only use scientifically proven, effective & ethical methods of positive reinforcement within all of our training.
The herding kind promises to not harm or cause fear to your dog in the name of training.

How can we help you?

Are you tired of being dragged by your dog lunging at a car?

Are you out of depth and feel like your herding dog is training you?

We can help!
Building engagment & focus
Loose lead walking
Herding behaviour – Car chasing, shadow chasing
Basic Obidence
Jumping up
Excessive barking
Resource guarding

the herding kind

The herding kind hertfordshire’s leading herdng breed specialist was built to help herding breed owners in distress. Its very common as a owner of a herding breed you begin to feel out of control, depth and have no idea about the next steps foward…

we understand from first hand exprience the difficulting in owning a herding breed, read our story.

Tilly’s Story

Tilly was struggling with resource guarding issues aswell as lack of confidence around new things like strangers and dogs. We helped build Tilly’s confidence and skills. Tilly is now thriving as a young adolescent!

“When we brought home our farm born border collie, Tilly, last October I was rather overwhelmed, and lacked confidence in how to deal with her. She had started displaying resource guarding behaviour and I didn’t know how to tackle it. After three one to one sessions and a puppy training course with Mental Mutts (partner buisness), I now have a happy puppy and we both have so much more confidence in all sorts of scenarios. Elsa was fantastic in recommending basic changes to Tillys routine and training. I can’t recommend her enough. She has really helped me to go from an overwhelmed owner to really enjoying having a border collie in our lives. Tilly loves Elsa, and although we recognise training and socialisation is an ongoing journey, we have some really strong foundations to build on. Thank you The herding kind!”


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